Well, here in Mineral Town we don’t actually celebrate Halloween! We celebrate the Pumpkin Festival though, which is kind of similar, but we don’t do costumes. Costumes sound really fun though, so if we did celebrate Halloween, I would dress up!

It’s hard to choose! 

(ooc: thanks for coming to the stream guys! : ) )


okay sounds good then! i think i’ll start the stream maybe tomorrow evening around…seven-ish est? i’ll post the link then! 

thanks a lot, guys, this is gonna be fun! : )


just wondering, would anyone be interested in a livestream of me drawing the responses to a few of these questions? scheduled for sometime this weekend, in the afternoon or the evening? 

you guys could pick the questions of course, or send in new ones? whatever you want really haha, i just thought it might be fun! let me know if you’re interested?

So sorry for the long absence! 

So sorry for the long absence! 

Official Hiatus!

[i’m sorry! augh, everything is so busy this summer, and i just can’t keep up with things! but ask elli will be back, and the questions in the ask will not go unanswered! <3 ]

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